MON - THU     10 AM - 10:00 PM

FRI                   11 AM - 10:00 PM

SAT                   12 PM -  8:00 PM

SUN                  12 PM - 10:00 PM



1. Only students enrolled in a Film/Video course or in the Film/Video program have access to  designated Video Lab studios and equipment.

2, All Film/Video equipment users are financially liable for loss, damage and theft when using Film/Video equipment and facilities.

3. Access to the Video Lab will occur only during posted hours.

4. Studio equipment sign-out will be done by monitors or studio manager.

 5. Studio/ editing time will be held only for 30 minutes after which reservation will be forfeited. To maintain your studio reservation, please see a Video Lab monitor or use the F/V calendar to make changes.

6. Students must present a valid Mass Art ID to access studios.

7. Do not attempt to repair any studio  equipment.

8. DO NOT TAMPER WITH EQUIPMENT. Patching or switches must be stored to normal settings when you are finished. You can not tamper with security cables, menu settings or other internal adjustments.

9. No food or Drinks are allowed in any of the Video Lab studios.

10. Flammable or toxic materials are prohibited in the Video Lab studios.

11. Users of the Video Lab are responsible for leaving a clean studio when done.

12. The Video Lab is not responsible in any way for materials, films or media left behind.

13. Scheduled classes have priority over other uses of the Video lab.

Your access to the film/video area could be permanently revoked if you are found in violation of this policy

* This policy is subject to change.


Important info and links

EDIT SHARE - 7th Floor Network Storage policy and registration

DEPT CALENDAR-  Video Lab Spaces are booked through the calendar

VIDEO LAB BOUTIQUE- The Video Lab equipment cage.

SUPPORT- Video Lab Request help and report a problem form

Aframe- Cloud platform for video  Video tutorials on many apps. ( access is through BPL)


Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Joe Briganti, Video Lab Studio Manager- T RM 743