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Frequently Ask Questions

How do I log into Editshare?

1. From the dock click on the Edit Share icon.
2.Type in your Mass Art Net-ID and password into the the EditShare connect’s dialog box.
3.To mount your Edit Share volume, select EFS on the mount tab. Note: Please do not select Native SMB

see Editshare log-in for more info

How do I turn on the video lights in the Black Box?

You’ll need to use the ETC lighting board to turn on the lights on the grid.

  1. Plug-in the DMX cable into the DMX- in port on the wall
  2. Plug-in the other end of the DMX cable into the DMX- out of the ETC lighting board
  3. Turn on the ETC lighting board
  4. Turn up  fader on selected channelSee the Black Box lighting guide Black Box Light Guide for more details

How do I reserve a FV Lab space?

To reserve a FV space:

  1. Go to the FV Calendar
  2. Log-in with your user name and Id#
  3. Select date with the add event button
  4. Add title as your first name and last name ( events without a first and last  name will be deleted )
  5. Check hours of the FV studio before adding time

What is the Video Lab Policy?

Please see the policy for the latest Video Lab policy

Who and where are the Video Lab Monitors stationed?

The Video Lab Monitors can be found in room 703.  The Lab monitor can help  you with software and hardware problems .They can help answer your questions if your working at home or on-campus using our discord support channel.  If you can’t find a monitor  please let us know



How do I use the sound studio on the 7th floor?

706 users must register for a brief training on how to use the sound studio. Once completed, 706 users will be able to reserve time on the calendar. Please see the studio manager for more details

Can I transfer VHS or other analog media?

At this time our transfer unit is not in operations.

How do I login into Adobe CC

Please see Adobe CC Log-in for help logging into the Mass Art Adobe Creative Cloud

Video Lab Solutions

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  • Avid Media Composer

    Keep your timeline in sync Audio and Video

  • Black Box Lighting

    High and low key lighting

  • Avid Media Composer

    Speed Up Your Edits in Media Composer

  • Virtual Reality

    HTC Vive Saftey Guide

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

    Learn how to create proxies with premiere

  • DaVini Resolve

    The Art of Color Grading

  • Black Box Lighting

    Tips to Reduce Shadows in Video Lighting

  • Audio

    Foley Footsteps using UVI Walker